Reflect on the impact of the society of information and communication on people’s rights and lay the foundations for a global agreement that allows technological applications, and the improvement in the quality of life they represent, to be compatible with preservation of human rights in the digital environment.


Compliance with respect for human rights in the digital and technological environment, as a result of uniting wills from the members of the international community.


1. Humanism: The Charter wants to keep human beings and their essential rights as the epicenter of future technological developments.

2. Democracy: The rights contemplated in the Charter are based on the respect for democratic values and principles.

3. Universalization: The Charter was born with the vocation to be an international reference and open to the participation of different views and cultures in order to enrich its content and be the result of a global consensus.

4. Participation: It is a Charter open to the collaboration of all those who want to share the project.

5. Transparency: In the process of drafting the Charter. Through this website you can follow the origins and development of the project.

The Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), which has historically led the legal claims of society for the achievement of progress, made an open call to universities, scientific centers, entities of economic life, experts in Digital Law, for initiate the process of drafting the Barcelona Charter for the Rights of Citizens in the Digital Age, to which the numerous institutions and personalities signing this document have responded actively and positively.


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